HERS-EA Announces New Book in Production

Higher Education Resource Services East Africa (HERS-EA) and publisher, Peter Lang, are pleased to announce the creation of a book is in progress.

The educational non-profit organization which aims to advance women leadership and management in East Africa is setting its sights on a book. The book seeks to “reimagine female leadership.”

The theme is reflected in the title, “Reimagining Women Leadership Through Inclusive Community Engagement: HERS-EA.” Ms Naomi Lumutenga and Dr Margaret Khaitsa, who lead the East African non-profit will oversee the book’s writing process which will be comprised of 15 chapters.

The book aims to become a future reference for academics, activists, policymakers, researchers and more. It will include comprehensive theoretical practices, identify gaps in contemporary leadership models and introduce bold new leadership, education, and community engagement approaches.

Professor Khaitsa identifies a lack of resources when reimaging leadership in the context of third world countries as opposed to the Western world. HERS-EA aims to shed light on female leadership in developing countries and theorise the type of leadership concepts that can succeed in East Africa and nations alike. This will include identifying the barriers, whether familial, cultural or community-based, that can limit women from progressing in education and leadership.

Alongside HERS-EA, publisher, Peter Lang possess a common criterion of the obstacles surrounding scholarship engagement. The chapters will be contributed to by a diverse group of authors in gender, geography, and racial background. This includes scholars and administrators in African and Western countries, some of whom have migrated across continents. Their academic backgrounds and lived experiences hope to contribute a holistic approach to education systems and methods to increase community engagement.

Ms Lumutenga speaks for the contributors, “Women are not homogenous, so we need to recognise their intersectionality and embed that in the new approaches. Our contributing authors bring together dynamic new theories and lived experiences to illustrate how and why re-imaging leadership is critical.”

The author also encourages readers to adopt one main takeaway from the publication: “If you are dealing with a persistent problem, it is likely, you are not alone, take a step back, assemble a team of like-minded experienced people and pool ideas. It takes time but, as the saying goes: ‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’”

“Reimagining Women Leadership Through Inclusive Community Engagement: HERS-EA” is projected to be released in the Spring of 2022.

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