Reusable Sanitary Pads

HERS-EA are dedicating their efforts to reduce stigma and increase accessibility towards the use of sanitary pads. The project focuses on providing, developing, and creating opportunities around affordable, reusable sanitary products to females in and around Bulambuli, Butaleja, Buduma Pambireho, and Kangalaba.

Pricing of sanitary wear and stigmas towards menstrual cycles results in young girls commonly skipping school and losing out on important education. HERS-EA train local women within targeted districts to sew washable, reusable pads and train beneficiaries in hygiene and sanitation. Women and girls are offered the opportunity to stay in school and avoid unconventional substitutes for sanitary wear that allow for physical discomfort and infection.

This project creates jobs, economic stability and empowerment for the women involved. It also has a positive environmental impact as it limits non-biodegradable pads being discarded around the area, and replaces the damage with sustainable, washable pads. Durable and comfortable fabric for pads is provided by HERS-EA and beneficaries are also upcycling clothing for creative recycling. 

The support in training, products and one-to-one contact from HERS-EA has aided the women in these communities to take their work even further. In some areas, the women’s sanitary product businesses have evolved into sewing garments for sale and forming empowering saving schemes within their groups.