Poultry Project

HERS-EA are pushing for sustainable and lucrative business opportunities within several underprivileged communities in East Africa. The Poultry Project focuses on providing and developing skills in farming in order to create revenue and empower districts. It is designed to train disadvantaged men and women in poultry farming and sustainable agriculture.

HERS-EA provides poultry, tools and support to aspiring farmers in feeding local populations with nutritious protein and generate income. The project works in conjunction with associations such as the Bulambuli Integrated Farmers’ Co-operative and AFRISA. HERS-EA has presented communities with many skills: knowledge in constructing poultry sheds, vaccinating birds and the distribution of poultry products.

The Poultry Project aims and has proven to make a significant impact on the lives of beneficiaries and those around them. Not only do they become skilled in agriculture, but they develop business acumen, and organizational proficiency and learn about generating markets. HERS-EA hopes to provide these communities with fully self-sustainable businesses to feed and uplift locals.