Prof. Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira

Prof. Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira is Associate Professor of Literature and Director, African Women‘s Studies Centre, University of Nairobi, Kenya. She holds a PhD from University of Nairobi and an MA (Literature), from the University of Wisconsin, USA. She has published widely in the field of oral literature and in gender/women studies. She has been a leader in Women’s Movement for many years where she has consistently and passionately advocated for gender equality and equity in Kenya. She has mentored many women who have gone on to play critical roles in women’s empowerment and advancement. Her involvement with women issues inspired her to spearhead the establishment of the African Women’s Studies Centre in 2009. Prof. Wanjiku participated in the planning and launch of HERS-EA in 2014 and served as a Resource Person in The Inaugural HERS-EA ACADEMY (July 2017).