Dr. Shereen Ahmed Mohamed Saad

University of Bahr El-Ghazal

Dr. Saad is a graduate of the University of Bahr El- Ghazal, Wau, South Sudan (Bachelor of Veterinary Science -2010), Makerere University-Uganda (Msc. Veterinary Preventive Medicine- field epidemiology track, 2014-2016). Dr. Saas has worked at University of Bahr El- Ghazal, as Lecturer since 2010 up to date. Currently, she serves as head of department of clinical studies at the College of veterinary Science, University of Bahr El- Ghazal, South Sudan, and the first woman to hold this position. Besides this administrative assignment, Dr. Saad teaches three courses in both 4th and 5th year Veterinary Science students. She is a HERS-EA Alum (2017) of The Inaugural HERS-EA ACADEMY (July 2017).